Welcome to the Lethbridge Name Page

Currently this site is under construction. In the long term, this can be used as a resource page for all the Lethbridge's all over the world. For example, it can contain information about genealogy, family reunions, notable Lethbridges, etc. etc. I can set up subdomains for different individuals and family branches.

As founder of the site, I (Timothy C. Lethbridge) am using part of the site for password-protected exchange of information, such as photos, among family members. I welcom other Lethbridges who would be interested in making use of the site to contact me at tcl@site.uottawa.ca. However, I am paying for the site, so if you want to participate, we will need to share the costs.

A key tenet of running this site is maintaining sufficient privacy. Any private information needs to be password protected, since otherwise it would be on the open Internet for all to see.